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Experienced Everett bankruptcy lawyers. 

An Everett bankruptcy allows you to wipe out your debts and keep your exempt property.

Falling Behind?  Our Everett Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help!

                Are you looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Everett, Washington?  The stress and frustration of falling behind on bills puts a strain on everyone who experiences it.  It happens to good, hard-working people every day, all over the country.  No matter what the circumstances, once a person falls behind on their monthly bills, sometimes it’s just impossible to get back ahead.  That’s when the phone starts ringing with angry creditors on the other end of the line.  The cycle only gets worse until the unthinkable happens, and the bank forecloses on their Everett house.

                Fortunately, there is a legal means by which many are able to get back in the black, save their Everett home, and get a fresh start on a promising financial future.  Our experienced Everett bankruptcy attorneys are ready to help you take that first step.  Filing for bankruptcy is a legal way to completely wipe out 100 percent of your qualifying debt, and in most cases also keep 100 percent of your property.

                To find out if declaring bankruptcy is right for you, all you need do is contact one of our qualified Everett bankruptcy lawyers today.  We will discuss the legal protections that an Everett bankruptcy can provide, and how it can help you erase your debt and start over financially, with a clean slate.  Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys will discuss your case with you and outline all of your options, and then you’ll be able to make an informed decision about how you would like to proceed.

                Rest assured; there are bankruptcy options that suit anyone in Everett who has fallen on hard times.  And while declaring bankruptcy might not be right for everyone, if you keep falling further behind on bills every month, it makes sense to consider your options.  One thing in certain, simply ignoring the problem isn’t going to make it go away.  You must act quickly to preserve your property and your assets, and our Everett bankruptcy lawyers are ready to help you determine if you qualify for bankruptcy.

                If you do qualify, it is your legal right to file for bankruptcy.  Declaring bankruptcy provides you with legal protections that are designed to help you.  You owe it to yourself, and your Everett family, to learn more about your options.  Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys are ready to answer your questions, and give you some peace of mind.   

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Filing for Bankruptcy Does Not Mean Failure

                Many people are under the false impression that filing for bankruptcy is essentially admitting defeat.  They feel like declaring bankruptcy somehow marks them as a failure, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Part of the reason for this misconception is that the creditors and bill collectors that harass you throughout the day don’t want you to file for bankruptcy.  They don’t care if you’re a hard-working person who has fallen on hard times, they are going to keep calling and harassing you in an attempt to secure their debt.

                Once you talk to one of our Everett bankruptcy lawyers you will quickly learn the truth.  Despite what the bill collectors want you to believe, filing for bankruptcy is your legal right and does not signify failure.  To the contrary, filing for bankruptcy can be the most responsible way to deal with a debt crisis.  Bills don’t suddenly disappear.  Rather, when a person falls behind even a little, it is often impossible to break the cycle.  One debt piles onto another until it seems like there is no way out.

                Filing for bankruptcy allows you to break that cycle of debt, free up some cash flow, and get a fresh, healthy financial start.  Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys will explain how filing for bankruptcy will allow you to discharge all, or nearly all of your unsecured debt.  Every Everett bankruptcy case is different, as is every person’s finances, so it’s imperative you contact our Everett bankruptcy lawyers to discuss you options. 

                Remember, that you are NOT the bad guy that bill collectors might try to make you out to be.  There is no failure in making a bankruptcy decision that protects your future, your family, and your way of life.  Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys are ready to help you write the next chapter of your life, and relax the burden of debt that you’re experiencing right now.

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Other Benefits of Bankruptcy in Everett

                Millions of people have filed for bankruptcy in America, and for good reason.  The benefits of filing for bankruptcy are many, and it has helped countless Everett families get their lives back on track.  The only way to be certain how declaring bankruptcy can help you is to discuss your situation with one of our qualified Everett bankruptcy lawyers.  However, there are many potential positives that bankruptcy can provide.

                One of the most annoying aspects of falling into debt is getting phone calls from creditors throughout the day and night.  It is embarrassing, and a constant reminder that the bills are piling up.  These creditors don’t care whether you have a legitimate reason for falling behind.  They don’t care if a protracted illness in the family buried you in debt.  They don’t care if you lost your Everett job.  They are going to keep calling until someone makes them stop. 

                One of the ways our Everett bankruptcy attorneys can help you is by preventing creditors from making harassing phone calls.  No more dreading the sound of the phone ringing, no more threatening letters in the mail.  When our Everett bankruptcy lawyers file your bankruptcy case with the Court it triggers what is called an “automatic stay.”  From this point forward, it is illegal for any creditor to contact you. 

                The benefits of this action by your Everett bankruptcy attorneys cannot be overstated.  Your mental health is intrinsically linked to the sanctity of your Everett home.   Even though this is only the start of the bankruptcy process, for many people it already signifies a new beginning.

                Some persons who have fallen into a financial crisis only have the burden compounded if they are having their wages garnished.  When we handle your case, we will fight to have any wage garnishment stopped. 

                The threat of home foreclosure is one of the most difficult aspects of insurmountable debt that a person in Everett can face.  Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys will fight to stop a home foreclosure, if it’s possible in your case.  Obviously, for most people this is one of the greatest benefits of declaring bankruptcy, and for some it is the primary reason.

                Debt comes in many forms.  Many people have amassed significant credit card debt or financed other loans that can fuel the ongoing cycle of falling behind on bills.  It is often possible for our us to eliminate these kinds of debts completely, or at least have them significantly reduced. 

                There are many benefits that declaring bankruptcy can provide.  To find out which ones are possible for you, simply contact one of our Everett bankruptcy attorneys today, and give yourself some real peace of mind.

If you qualify, bankruptcy is your legal right.

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Which Form of Bankruptcy is Right for You

                The law outlines two varieties of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  One of these options represents a fresh start for most people, and our Everett bankruptcy lawyers can help you determine which one is best for your financial situation.

                To file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Everett, there are certain eligibility requirements a person must meet.  However, if you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy your debt will be liquidated and used to pay off your creditors.  This does not mean that you will be forced to relinquish all of your personal property.  But a detailed analysis of your assets and personal possession is required to determine what can be protected.

                A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is more like restructuring your debt in a way that makes it manageable.  Often there are means whereby our Everett bankruptcy lawyers can eliminate certain debts entirely, and have other significantly reduced.  This makes it possible to get a grip on your entire financial burden, from credit card debt to mortgage payments. 

               Obviously, this is often the best option for people who are trying to stop an Everett home foreclosure.  We will work to properly set the terms of repayment in your plan with your creditors, which are usually accomplished over a three to five year period.  In many respects, your plan payment is determined by your income and your monthly expenses.

                Discovering which variety of bankruptcy is right for you only requires that we review your debts and finances, and determine if you are best served by declaring a Chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  We are here to help you understand how the laws can protect you and your family.  Call now for an initial case evaluation.

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Now is the Time for Action

                If you’re sick of the harassing phone calls and are ready to take the first step toward a brighter financial future, contact one of our bankruptcy attorneys in Everett today.  We offer low, flat-fees and payment plans for almost all of our bankruptcy clients in Everett.  In more difficult cases that involve small businesses, high income clients, and people with a large amount of assets, some charges might be based on an hourly rate. 

                Now is the time to take action.  Now is the time for a fresh start.  Contact us today and find out how declaring bankruptcy can you back in the black.

Everett Bankruptcy Lawyers

We offer flexible payment plans and low flat fees in most Everett bankruptcy cases.

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If you are coming up short every month and struggling with credit card bills, medical bills, garnishments, lawsuits, or are facing foreclosure, we may be able to help you get a fresh start.

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Experienced Everett bankruptcy Attorneys. 

Many of our Everett bankruptcy clients are able to completely wipe out all of their debts and keep all of their property.